Welcome to the online  home of Roderick J. Stewart, photographer-writer. Here you’ll experience interaction with my visions of nature and human nature. Much of my photography with writing involves viewing life from an insightful inner eye, intuitively influenced by Zen Buddhism, the Druids love of nature and spirit,  and some essential Judaeo-Christian wisdom.  Haiku poetry, short fiction and aphorisms are dear to my pen. My camera enjoys marrying what is in my mind’s eye with what I move my lens into. The relationships between nature, creativity and spirituality are at the heart of my work. So please enjoy your time here, look around, read some things of interest, and do contact me if you have any questions.   Thanks for being here, Roderick


Latest addition to the photographs section of the Shop is this image of Ogden Point Breakwater. At the entrance to the Inner Harbour in Victoria, BC, this makes a great evening walk for residents and visitors arriving on one of  many cruise ships visiting the area.

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"It's beautiful. It left me with such a sense of peace." (Tossed Pebbles, Living Words & Images)
Shirley K.
Victoria, Literary Agent
"When I took Tossed Pebbles into my reading chair and had some quiet time, I really began to appreciate the thought and ideas that went into the haiku."
Hope S.
Teacher, Retired
"Really terrific production values of the book."
J. Munro
Owner, Munro's Books
"Hi Roderick. I really find your image of crocuses to be some of your best work. It's hanging on my wall now. Sweet!"​
V. Kraak

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