Crumbs and Clowns, Core Values

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In continuing our look at the intertwining of spirituality and creativity, the spark and its energic expression, and the freedom one achieves in its pursuit, I’d like to emphasize the absolute importance of owning your self.

We are creatures of the societies we live in, but we are also creatures of the universe. Sometimes these are copacetic and sometimes at odds. It is the belief of many elites that the masses will be content simply with crumbs and clowns. Give them just enough to survive on and throw in some distraction from their daily woes so they will remain complacent, obedient and unaware of their potential. They become reliable units of production and consumption and followers of pipe dreams and hope in some better future life. The problem is that people accept this because they have not been taught to assert their human principles. Also, they have been dream-walked through a culture of fear where those who do choose to think and live differently are scoffed at as ‘rebels’ or as non-conformists and are made examples of. Just look at what happens to whistle-blowers or those who would challenge the prevailing status quo with all its vested interests.

Now I’m not advocating that you go out and fight the impossible fight against such powerful physical forces. What I am saying is to be aware of the forces out there who have manipulated the thoughts and feelings of your parent’s parents, your parents and your self. Now multiply that throughout society. No, the way to maintain your humanity is simply in not playing the game of crumbs and clowns. And the first step is to become aware of how valuable your life is. People are heard saying “Oh, what can I do?” “What’s the point?” “Nothing changes.” “It is what it is.” Well, no it isn’t. It is what you allow it to be. Do you see? Your spirituality and creativity have been weakened by you believing in–excuse me–bullshit. Those who would control you for their own benefits have many tactics and many lifetimes to control and dispirit you.

  • Drug dependency
  • Media control (news: showing you a narrow sliver of life as if that is typical of broader society). Distracting you with meaningless pursuits (celebrity, ‘reality’ TV, fads, ‘better’ technologies to make your life easier or have a higher quality etc. etc).
  • Educational, judicial and religious systems of punishment and reward.
  • A backfiring belief system. The false belief in a better life if you follow their way, when all you are left with is crumbs.
  • Convincing speeches by, and interviews with, leaders and ‘experts’ who say one thing (to get you on side) yet do another (to benefit from your gullibility).
  • Debt slavery. High interest rates for borrowing with very low returns, if any, on your savings. Multi-decade and generational debt. You become victim to the vagaries of an often manipulated marketplace.
  • Social Engineering. Political correctness. Intolerance of attitudes and ideas which differ from those that are promulgated as acceptable . State control of individual rights and freedoms. Absence of shared spiritual discourse or practice.
  • Economic sanctions. Threatening job loss. Tying up or confiscating your resources. Forcing your mind to grapple with survival rather than encouraging human ideals and potential. Favouring certain groups over others.
  • Well, you get the picture. And most of us don’t even want to consider such a stark reality could exist. We’ve been taught to label, discredit, ridicule, banish and punish those who would disagree or offer reasonable alternatives, or have cultural differences.

No, most of us will accept incremental downsizing of our bread into crumbs all the while believing things will get better. Just ask the thousands of years of civilizations that have risen and fallen “Hey, what happened? It wasn’t all floods” Hope, a human thing for sure. But this is what we still need; we must, however, turn our hope not to this system of control but to our control over our own individual systems.

Many who understand all this realize the awareness of such a control system–and how it operates in our personal lives–is a crucial step toward freeing ourselves to become spiritually alive creative human beings. And it all starts with the very moment you finish reading this sentence.

It’s not all about Occupy Wall Street and similar co-opted ‘public’ movements. It is about you and I right here right now making a decision and following it with an action. Many of us know that change begins with us. It is our responsibility. But after a lifetime of conditioning otherwise, where do we begin?

Well, let’s get back first to how we can develop the openness to new ways of living which can see you, with relaxed effort, find a greater, wiser more satisfying life within this one. And no, there is no magic elixir. The airwaves and the Internet are full of peoples’ ‘systems’ trying to make money off of us with promises of fast, easy successes if we ‘follow’ their thinly researched advise. Well maybe that works for them, but the only way to be truly human is to share freely with each other so that no matter who you are or where you come from, no matter how poor or rich, you have something you can give, and you are open to receive something that may add to your own life.

The only reason I am writing this blog is to help you find a way to see all this, and to recognize and feel your potential so that all of us may rise up, gradually day by day, over the years, into examples of what it means to truly live as free, loving human beings. Then we don’t need the Crumbs & Clowns.

Okay, I promise the next blog entry will take you on a journey into this new existence, a state of being which was always there. Once you are there you will like it, but it is nothing you’ve been systematically taught. I am not offering a magic pill, I’m simply sharing my path with you, a path that has brought great peace, understanding and strength.

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