Care of Prints

 Archival pigment ink prints should be treated as you would treat an original work of art to maximize their life-span. Avoid touching the surface of your print. Oils and contaminates on your skin will shorten the life of your print. Do not expose to high humidity, chemicals, or direct sunlight. If long-term dark storage is necessary, store prints flat in a dry acid-free environment at room temperature. 


Uncoated watercolor and fine-art papers should be framed behind glass, and should not be touched if at all possible. UV coated papers are more durable, and can be framed without glass. Care should still be taken when handling to prevent scuffs or scratches 


Uncoated canvas can be framed without glass for short to medium term use. Dust using a feather-duster or soft cloth. If print is exposed to moisture, blot visibly wet areas carefully with a clean lint free cloth, and lay flat to dry. Though the image will not run if exposed to water, the surface will damage if rubbed. For long term archival performance UV coating is required. Care should be taken when handling the print. 


Optima MXE coated canvas is extremely durable, water and stain repellent, and suitable for framing without glass. The more durable surface makes this easyer to handle.