Roderick J. Stewart  is a photographer, writer and poet. “I specialize in abstract and semi-abstract fine art photographs. These are available as handmade prints, signed and certified. Also, available via this site are download decor images of seascapes, landscapes, flowers, close-ups, water scenics and some urban shots.

Much of my literary work is included in two books available on this site as PDF downloads for tablets and computers. Tossed Pebbles is also available as a quality print book (144 pages of haiku and photographs in full colour, $22.99) by contacting me.

I love journalling as a way to imagine, problem solve or work out the interior issues of mind and heart. I’ll be putting excerpts up on my Blog from time to time. It is due to the prodding of others that I have, after long struggles with disabilities, resources and energy, finally brought this to you. If you find some illumination here as I did…great!”

RJS’s Education & Work Biography

University of Victoria (English)

Camosun College (English)

Publicity & Public Relations, Granton Institute

Supervision & Leadership, Camosun College

Power Engineering, University of British Columbia

“Backlighting” weekend workshop by international photojournalist Ted Grant


Awards in Haiku from Suruga-Baika International Literary Festival in Japan, published in haiku section in Mainichi Daily News. 

Book “Tossed Pebbles, Living Words & Images” in collection of the Haiku Society of America. 

Photograph award in Boulevard Magazine.





Creativity & Spirituality are Interwoven in Personal Expression

“Through creative acts of all kinds can spirituality be best evolved and expressed. This is important to remember. And this is the foundation of my work and this website. No, not everyone is an artist or should try to be. Creative acts come in as many forms and strengths as fireworks into the night skies.  Of course, I’m not saying this is the way for you, but what I’ve come to understand and deeply see can be a way for you to come to some personal illumination of what this light we are talking about feels like, and what it took to get there.”



This is a haiga (Japanese style of painting with haiku) which I created in Grade 10. I gave some classes in creating photo-haiku at Mt. Douglas Secondary and Frank Hobbs schools in Victoria. Haiku range from simple children’s works, to very intuitive and complex works by master poets.