A Path Through Loneliness

Loneliness vs being alone are kilometers from each other. You can be alone and be lonely. You can experience loneliness without being alone, like when you

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Bridge Over Waterway

Fundamental Choice

Fundamental Choice Curious it is in life when you experience a synchronicity of a single theme. This occurred a couple days ago when reviewing one of

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Letting the Light In

The camera does it. Your eyes do it. So does your mind. Light. It is the photo in photography. It has many qualities and is incredibly

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Galloping Goose Trail Bridge, Selkirk Waterway

If You Want Change

Some people understand the need for change, whether it is political, social or personal. Awareness: something is going on and it needs to change. I have

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Jet Stream and Wall White Lines, Downtown Victoria

Crumbs and Clowns, Core Values

In continuing our look at the intertwining of spirituality and creativity, the spark and its energic expression, and the freedom one achieves in its pursuit, I’d

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Collecting Photographs

Collecting Photographs It may be stating the obvious that you should collect the kind of photographs that you really love, but it is a good reminder

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