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A peaceful and deeply engaging collection of haiku poems with nature photographs. By juxtaposing some haiku with photographs the meaning is expanded beyond their individual parts. Makes a wonderful gift book as well as for quiet reflection in your personal space. It gets your imagination going. The eBook comes in PDF format which is necessary to maintain the layout of a printed version where haiku are properly juxtaposed with their intended photograph. For samples, see here.


Suddenly the moon

and the wind is alight

this night of snow


From each oar spinning

small silent whirlpools

thoughts of lovers


Water’s surface

reflections silver

into minnows


Roderick Ayres has won a Daichu Temple International Haiku Award (Japan) and has won a Boulevard magazine photographic contest. His haiku and photographs are subtly moving and speak with the full intuition of the Zen mind. You’ll be happy sharing this gem with your family and friends as it make a great little coffee table book.