Listed are some of the best resources on the Internet for learning about haiku and the relationships between words and images. And following this is a section of Photography links. This is an ongoing listing.



PRIMARY WEB SITES    Association of Haiku Poets and Museum of Haiku Literature based in Japan.        The Haiku Foundation:  we are working towards a complete English-language haiku archival library with an eye toward making it available to scholars and poets for research and scholarship; simultaneously we are preparing an online virtual library that will be available to all; and we have plans for a haiku biographical encyclopedia.   A site with many great links and info. By Narayanan Raghanathan, Amanda Cazalet and Shyam Santhanam.  Haiku International Association. “The Haiku International Association was established in December 1989 in order to respond to haiku’s worldwide popularity and to promote friendship and exchanges with haiku lovers overseas.”  Haiku journals, magazines and blogs. Many links. Updated.          American Haiku Archives Website    Abundance of material from Jane Reichold’s years of dedication to the haiku and its associated forms.    Lots of good stuff and links.


Photography links